I am not lost, I am found......I think

It has been a long time since I have visited this space.  No wistful or inspired wanderings of my mind.  I have waited for the clarity, peace of mind and motivation to find my way back.  Oooh I sound so cheerless, but sometimes there is no damn icing on the cupcake.

2014 was a busy old year full of planned and unexpected surgeries. Four surgeries in 7 months left me with what felt like a longstanding anaesthetic/drug hangover, and my body and head space having to recover, then recover again and recover again, which can mess with your head, and also, really fuck with your overall health and fitness.  

Although a New Year for me is no longer seen in with the excitement of drunken pashes and enthusiastic but unmet resolutions, I have said my farewells to 2014 with gusto, and my body, foggy head and saggy arse are getting our mojo back.  

I hope the seven days of this New Year have been fabulous for you all so far, and if not, then let's remember that we, as individuals, are the only ones who can wake each day and decide how our day will develop.  So, may 2015 be a super year for us all, full of new beginnings, strength and passion, immense amounts of laughter and a whole lot of love!

O Captain! My Captain!

I am sure we are all feeling great amounts of sadness today, as if we have lost a friend.  The death of Robin Williams, has left an emotional mark  – his remarkable talent as an actor and comic, reached us all through the power of film and television.  He gave us laughter in Mork & Mindy, tears in Good Will Hunting, and touched our hearts with both in Mrs Doubtfire and Dead Poets Society. 

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The tale of a lamb roast

It’s Sunday and Farmer Noel wants a lamb roast. Not that I am a slave to the traditions of Sunday roast, but I like to please 'ma man'.

Cooking a roast makes me groan – I feel resentment to FN if I ask him what he wants for dinner and he says ‘lamb roast’.  I then carry on like a bore about how much I dislike cooking and eating a roast.  The poor guy generally just walks away, and rightly so.

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